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About us


Services we offer

  • Manufacturing
  • Tool Design & Manufacture
  • Market Research

Full Range of Products

Plastic Manhole Steps
Reinforcing Spacers
Face Shields
Plastic Tiles
Precasting Spacers
Modular aeroponic panels
Cable Ties
Tool Boxes

HoofB is the trading name of GIG Industries (PTY) Ltd for our range shelf products.

GIG Industries was established in 2012 and in our 8 years of existence we have made a name for ourselves, not only for the quality of product we offer, but also the innovation we can bring to the table in the development, design and bringing of a product to market.

We specialize in injection molding process production

 of a wide variety of products used in the civil engineering industry for which we are a national market leader and for which we developed revolutionary plastic products.  

In 2018 we were selected as a development partner for a IDC-funded project with the aim of developing and manufacturing of aeroponic farming towers in South Africa.  Three research greenhouses (one on the roof of the Botanical sciences department at the University of Pretoria) were built and multiple commercial and home based growing operations has since been sold.  We also formulated an anti-algae, uv-resistant and food safe additive that is used in the manufacturing of aeroponic towers and is exclusively supplied to us.

In 2020 production capability was increased together with the introduction of a wider product line with a focus on products that can be sold from shelf.

From here the trading name HB was born.  The aim was to extend to markets with a wider user base and we have built upon our principles of uncompromising quality and loyal customer service to bring you a new range of products that you would love.  Face shields and cable ties are currently our main focus of these products, but exciting expansions are coming soon!

Our factory is based in the small Free State town of Viljoenskroon and we bring market leading quality products with a rural touch of friendly and personal customer service.

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